Fitness Model PAIGE HATHAWAY – PAIGE HATHAWAY is awesome fitness model & cover girl with many fans on Instagram & Facebook.

Paige Hathaway Diet Routine
Paige contends, since there is no magic spell to lean and enthralling figure, you need to engage your heart and soul towards being fit. Self-disciplined and resolved approach surely pays off. So, align your regular workout routine with wary diet. Keep an eye on what you feed to your body and mull over the impact of those foods on your body before gulping them. And if you are lifting weights, combine your workouts with protein rich diet because it fosters the formation of muscles. She doesn’t forget to feeding right fuel to her body in her breakfast which mostly includes egg whites, oatmeal with peanut butter, which as a matter of fact are her favorites too. While keeping minimum possible gap between her meals, she eats after every two to three hours.